About Us

Compass Computer and Business School, LLC, most commonly known as CompasWe provide professional development and executive coaching services to corporations with teams who need to advance their skills around leadership, employee management, and performance management. We also provide Microsoft application and desktop training for corporations with teams who need to advance their skills around file management, document creation, and information organization. We create and customize employee learning programs for clients who desire to outsource their training efforts or improve their current training and development departments. We measure success by assessing each client’s learning, productivity and cultural goals.

We provide employee learning solutions for English or Spanish speaking corporate teams in the US and Latin America.CBS, is a nationally and locally recognized Hispanic-owned bilingual business development and computer training center in Arizona. Since 2011, Compass CBS continues to serve a wide range of businesses with professional development, computer desktop skills, and business skills courses across the state of Arizona.

“We train your team to develop leadership skills to create better work cultures, accomplish goals to keep your company on track, and create strategies to become more productive to positively impact your bottom line.”

Edgar R. Olivo, CEO & Founder