How We Work

Training Process at Compass CBS

We appreciate working with our clients and take the time to understand your needs to recommend appropriate training programs we offer at Compass CBS. We follow an easy process to get started with training at your organization: Step 1) Schedule an initial consultation; Step 2) We recommend a program; Step 3) Approve program
Step 4) Implement training and Step 5) Evaluate training.

We respect your privacy!

Confidentiality Clause: During the term of an agreement, and thereafter for a period of five years, the Training Provider shall not, without the prior written consent of the Company, disclose to anyone other than attorneys, accountants, employees, or financial advisors any Confidential Information of the Company. For the purposes of this agreement, “Confidential Information” shall include the Company’s proprietary and confidential information including, but not limited to, coaching sessions, participant activities, the terms and scope of this agreement, client lists, marketing materials not readily available to the public, and any non-public financial information

Special Reimbursement Program: Employed Worker Training Program

ARIZONA@WORK is the statewide workforce development network that helps employers throughout the state recruit, develop and retain the best employees for their workforce needs. By helping businesses succeed and grow, we lay the groundwork for a stronger Arizona economy. And by sharing the solutions you need to find the right employees—right here, right now—we’re committed to real teamwork with you.
The objective of the Employed Worker Training program is to provide grant funding under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) for job training assistance to businesses that are training their current workforce to enhance skill levels. The Employed Worker Training Program Funds up to $50,000 per WIOA Program Year for training needs.
We are more than happy to send you details of this program and send you more information.

Public Classes

We typically work with a minimum group size of 5 employees. We offer public classes regularly for individuals or groups smaller than 5 from the same team. We invite you to check our program calendar by visiting our website.

You decide how much and intense you would like your training!