Important Services Update for Small Business Owners

Please read about our vision for the small business community in Arizona and the nation. Our services have changed.
Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with the small business community across the state of Arizona and we are proud of the economic impact that continues to be created every day.

In October 2018, we launched our non-profit, Compass CBS Foundation, to continue supporting small business owners with education in Arizona. We know that there is a great need in the bilingual business community and now we work with alliances in various industries to provide education events for small businesses while developing an inclusive economy in the US.  Follow our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn pages for updates on our community programs!
If you need help with your business, we recommend the following resources:

 – Educational Videos: All of our bilingual small business education is online through our Facebook and YouTube pages for FREE!
  – Educational books: Our program for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business can get our new paperback book: Business Launcher, a self-development program with steps and fundamental tips to launch a business.  Our social media videos complement the book to expand your learning.  You can find them on our YouTube and Facebook pages.
  – Educational Conferences: The Compass CBS Foundation organizes educational events and workshops in the valley for bilingual professionals who want to be successful.  Our annual program is called “The Arizona Bilingual Business Conference.”  Through this bilingual conference, the Compass CBS Foundation hopes to provide the right tools, knowledge, and strategies for thriving multicultural professionals, and thereby contribute to Arizona’s social and economic growth.
  – Advice by recommended experts: If you are interested in business consulting services, we are happy to recommend the Law Firm of Alejandro Perez.  They have worked closely with our small business clients with great success!  They make contracts, legal records, franchises, non-profit organizations
  At Compass CBS, we provide professional development and executive coaching services only for corporations with teams of more than 50 employees who need to advance their leadership, employee management and communication skills.  We also provide Microsoft application training for corporations with teams that need to improve their skills in file management, document creation, and information organization.  We create and customize employee learning programs for clients who want to outsource their training efforts or improve their current training and development departments.  We measure success by evaluating the learning objectives, productivity and culture of each client.  We provide learning solutions for English and Spanish speaking corporate teams in the United States and Latin America.
  Please visit our program catalog for more information about our courses.
  Thank you for your interest in Compass CBS and we wish you luck on your business journey!