Important Services Update for Small Business Owners

We Truly Value Your Continued Support!

Over the years we developed a strong relationship with the small business community across many cities in Arizona and we are so proud of the work each one of our students is doing!

In October 2018, we transitioned the Compass Club program to our non-profit Compass CBS Foundation to continue supporting small business owners in the start-up stages. We discovered a huge need in the bilingual entrepreneurial community and we are now working with our community partners who help us with the demand for small business education. Please follow our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn pages for updates of our community programs! We have big plans to announce in the near future!

Since October 2018, we discontinued private consulting services to small business owners such as business registrations, business plan development, and media services. Instead, we provide all of our bilingual small business education online through our Facebook and YouTube pages for FREE! If you are interested in business consulting services, we gladly recommend the Law Firm of Alejandro Perez. They have worked closely with our small business clients with great success!

We also created the Business Launcher program, a downloadable e-book program to help you start your business. If you are interested in starting a business, you can watch videos that go along with the book on our YouTube and Facebook pages and engage with us on social media. Look for our LIVE Business Podcasts on our channels!

We believe education should be accessible in those early stages of starting a business, which is why we invested in the Compass CBS Foundation and created these easy-to-access resources if you are considering starting a business.

At Compass CBS, we only provide employee leadership development and education services to corporate organizations who invest in training programs for their teams. We have been providing this service since 2011 with Fortune 500 companies and larger non-profits and government agencies across the country and Latin America. We grow businesses by growing people!

Please check out our website for more information about our public and private classes.

We wanted to share this update with you today because we receive many calls from entrepreneurs and small business owners requesting private consulting and have not been updated with our latest moves. 

If you are one of our community partners, please share this information with your groups. We’d greatly appreciate it!

Thank you and we look forward to hearing your entrepreneurial success stories on our social media channels and community events!