Leadership Development

We designed our highly interactive workshops to teach your new and seasoned company leaders management skills to achieve leadership success. Our programs teach powerful strategies needed to become an effective, more confident and empowered leader of a team. Participants conduct self-assessments and receive useful checklists with numerous other resources to develop management instincts to harness a team’s strengths.

Our goal is to provide your supervisors the skills needed to succeed within their roles, achieve company objectives, and maintain a positive work culture.In other words, we help company leaders develop the skills to build productive work communities within your company.We also teach your leaders how to establish credibility and authority fast, motivate employees, handle attitude and behavioral issues, reduce absenteeism and tardiness, give constructive feedback and conduct effective performance appraisals.

Leadership Academy Series

The Leadership Academy is a group-training program built for companies with frequent supervisory changes due to business growth and need to develop new leaders on a regular basis. This program is great for companies with leaders who have not received professional development in their career or as part of a company-wide effort to invest in leadership development as a new growth strategy.

Along with monthly classes, participants are paired with an executive coach for 1-hour monthly coaching sessions for additional accountability and motivation to achieve their desired goals. Our participants often say they feel valued by their organization upon completing the program.

Below are examples of Leadership Academy Levels and the monthly activities assigned at each level, also known as the leadership journey your company leaders will embark on with us. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of each level for your employee files.

Leadership Academy Monthly Focus Topics Leadership Academy Level 1 (5-Month Track)

  1. Supervisory Skills for Emerging Leaders
  2. Time Management & Work Flow Planning
  3. Building a Highly Motivated Team & Work Culture
  4. Leading Effective Meetings & Presentation Skill
  5. Business Professionalism 101 & Organizational Citizenship

Leadership Academy Level 2 (5-Month Track)

  1. Leadership Fundamentals & Leadership Styles
  2. Communication Skills & Techniques for Supervisors
  3. Conflict Resolution Skills & Handling Difficult Employees
  4. Organizational Change & Stress Management
  5. Developing Coaching & Mentoring Skills

Leadership Academy Level 3 (5-Month Track)

  1. Best Practices to Reduce Employee Turnover & Create Healthy Work Environments
  2. Performance Management & Employee Reviews
  3. Employee Recruitment Techniques and Interviewing Job Candidates
  4. Building a Positive Onboarding Process for New Employees & Team Integration
  5. Leadership Multiplier Effect on Your Team & Delegating Opportunities to the Team

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