Microsoft Access

Learn how to store, report, and analyze information in databases.

Program Overview

Microsoft Access 2016 is an information management tool that allows you to store, report, and analyze information within a relational database. If you’re trying to use Excel to manage large amounts of information, then chances are Microsoft Access will be helpful to you. Access makes it easy to keep track, organize, and sort your data. It can be the back-end of a business, keeping your records for you.

Program Outcomes

This course covers all the important features of Access 2016 and demonstrates how to use them.


• Basic computer knowledge & mathematical equations.
• Knowledge of any version of Microsoft Excel beneficial.
• Previous knowledge of Microsoft Access not required.

Skill Development

• Familiarity with Microsoft Access 2016 Dashboard, Ribbon and Settings
• Open Access Databases and Identify Components of the Access Window
• Plan and Create a Database
• Modify a Table’s Design
• Set Field Properties; Create Input Masks; and Set Validation Rules
• Create Queries, and Sort and Filter the Results
• Create, Modify, and Print Reports; and Add Summary Fields to a Report

Course Outline: All Levels

• All about databases and how they work
• An understanding of how Access works to make even its complex inner workings seem simple
• How to navigate Access
• How to create tables, forms, reports, and queries
• How to enter criteria into your data
• How to form expressions and create functions
• How to customize the appearance of forms and reports
• How to use Access for home-record keeping or for a business