Microsoft Excel Bootcamps

Microsoft Excel Bootcamp: Learn the Basics and Become an Excel Pro, Full Day Class

This class will emerse you in all things Excel. Learn formulas and functions, manage databases, and create amazing pivot tables and charts. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of each class. Check out the complete outline by clicking here

Microsoft Excel Bootcamp: Learn Formulas and Functions, Half Day Class

This class will focus only on understanding how to create formulas in spreadsheets and create functions in Excel. You will have a deeper understanding on how formulas and functions can make a lot of numerical data be calculated automatically and seamlessly for your work.

Microsoft Excel Bootcamp: Learn How to Manage Databases, Half Day Class

This class will teach you how to organize your database and set parameters for easy reporting. You will learn to use all of the database features Excel has to offer so you may find and aggregate information more efficiently.

Microsoft Excel Bootcamp: Learn Pivot Tables & Charts, Half Day Class

This class will help you create pivot tables and charts for data analysis, presentations, and more. You will learn how pivot tables can effectively tell the story of your data in a concise and efficient way.

Microsoft Excel Bootcamp: Aprende lo básico, clase de día completo en Español 

Esta clase lo sumergirá en todas las areas de Excel. Aprenda fórmulas y funciones, administre bases de datos y cree tablas y gráficos dinámicos sorprendentes. Un certificado de finalización se otorga al final de cada clase. Echa un vistazo a la agenda completa haciendo clic aquí