Microsoft Excel

Learn how to manage, analyze, and compile business data quickly and effectively!

Program Overview

Many professionals use Microsoft Excel to perform tasks such as managing business data, inventory control, information analysis and even complex tasks such as financial analysis, statistical projections, and more. Any professional seeking to stay organized and compile large amounts of data will benefit from learning how to use Microsoft Excel.

Program Outcomes

At the end of the training, participants will be able to create formulas and work with different types of spreadsheet functions such as create graphics, manage tables, generate reports with pivot tables, analyze, protect and share information quickly and safely.


• Basic computer knowledge & mathematical equations.
• Knowledge of any version of Windows operating systems.
• Basic understanding of Microsoft Excel will be necessary for intermediate to advanced levels.

Skill Development

• Create and Manage Spreadsheets and Workbooks 
• Manage Cell Data and Formatting
• Create Tables & Charts 
• Perform Operations with Formulas and Functions 
• Create Graphics and Edit Objects 
• Protect and Share Spreadsheets 
• Create and Manage Pivot Tables 

Course Outline: Basic Level

  • Explore the dashboard and ribbon
  • Create simple spreadsheets and workbooks
  • Browse through sample spreadsheets
  • Insert data in cells and formatting
  • Customize spreadsheets and files
  • Format cells and ranges
  • Calculate data with simple formulas
  • Insert and format objects
  • Printing and sharing spreadsheets

Course Outline: Intermediate to Advanced Levels

  • Create and manage tables and charts
  • Manage table styles and options
  • Filter and sort table data
  • Perform conditional formatting
  • Format and modify text with functions
  • Apply custom data validation formats
  • Apply format and advanced conditionalfiltering
  • Create graphics and visual dataelements
  • Format graphic elements
  • Introduction and Mastery of PivotTables
  • Security and protection features
  • Excel WebApp