Microsoft OneNote

Learn to take digital notes for meetings, programs, and more.

Program Overview

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notepad designed to facilitate the collection of information via keyboard, digital pen or finger. With OneNote, users can enhance note taking with audio, videos and images! It is very easy and intuitive to stay organized with sections and pages while easily searching for your notes. OneNote is also a collaboration tool that allows users to exchange notes through file or link sharing.

Program Outcomes

Participants will be able to use OneNote to document their ideas in simple way from any device. Participants will organize and share sections or pages, add multimedia elements, manage and restore backup copies, and use the tool from different devices.


  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Previous knowledge of Microsoft OneNote not required

Skill Development

  • Understand the Dashboard, Ribbon and Settings
  • Create and Edit Notes
  • Integrate Multimedia
  • Use and Create Note Templates
  • Integrate OneNote with Other Applications
  • Access from Anywhere

Course Outline: All Levels

  • Introduction to OneNote
  • Structure notes
  • Work with text and elements
  • Use of labels to organize files
  • Use of video and audio files
  • Tables and spreadsheets
  • Handwriting notes
  • Search within OneNote
  • Integrate with Outlook
  • Add notes linked to your documents
  • Using OneNote when browsing websites
  • Export parts of a notebook
  • Sharing notebooks
  • Using OneNote in Microsoft Teams
  • Coauthor in OneNote
  • Access from anywhere with OneNote Online
  • OneNote on your mobile devices
  • Using page templates
  • Backup and restore files