Microsoft Word

Learn how to create and edit personal and business documents, such as letters, reports, invoices,emails and books

Program Overview

Learn how to create professional and attractive documents by using Microsoft Word. Create many types of documents with the most powerful and complete word processor in the education and business industries.

Create from simple to formal documents with professional design and impeccable spelling and grammar. Microsoft Word, besides being practical and flexible, allows users to collaborate and create shared documents in real time with work colleagues.

Program Outcomes

At the end of each training, participants will be able to create documents with their own designs,use text styles, create elegant tables, use document editing and formatting tools like margins, fonts, insert images, paragraph editing, spelling, grammar and manage features related to document printing and sharing.


  • Basic computer knowledge & mathematical equations.
  • Basic understanding of technical writing or document preparation.
  • Knowledge of any version of Windows operating systems.
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Excel will be necessary for intermediate to advanced levels.

Skill Development

  • Understand the Dashboard,Ribbon, and Settings Features
  • Create and Manage Documents
  • Format Text, Paragraphs and Sections
  • Create and Edit Tables of Contents, Headers and Footers
  • Use Various Text Correction Tools
  • Saving,Sharing, and Printing Documents

Course Outline: Basic Level

  • Explore the dashboard and ribbon
  • Create and format simple documents
  • Insert and format text and paragraphs
  • Spelling and grammar features
  • Document navigation features
  • Insert graphic elements
  • Sort and group text and paragraphs
  • Create and format tables
  • Customize options and views for documents
  • Export documents to PDF
  • Printing and sharing documents

Course Outline: Intermediate to Advanced Levels

  • Customize Microsoft Word user work environment
  • Advanced formatting and editing
  • Design and add custom styles
  • Create and manage hyperlinks, references, and bookmarks
  • Insert and format SmartArt graphic elements
  • Modify and format tables
  • Create and manage indexes
  • Create and manage tables of contents
  • Exchange information with other apps
  • Manage and track changes in a documents
  • Manage document templates