Business Launcher (e-book, PDF download)

Business Launcher (e-book, PDF download)


The Business Launcher is an exclusive program by Compass CBS and became one of our most successful programs. In this book, new entrepreneurs and business owners will have tools to launch their business by following fundamental steps to succeed. You will find a lot of great advice directly from founder of Compass CBS, Edgar R. Olivo. He is the Senior Business Coach who has helped launch hundreds of new businesses throughout the country.


You are about learn some of the most important steps to start a business. If you already have a business, this course will serve as a refresher in case you are feeling a little lost about your strategy.

We created this program to help our students become business owners and entrepreneurs with an easy-to-understand roadmap to increase their chances for start-up success.

P. 3 … Welcome Letter
P. 5 …10 Steps to Open Your Business
P. 7 … Part 1: How to Register Your Business
P. 9 … One Page Business Plan
P. 12 … What is a Limited Liability Company or LLC?
P. 14 … What is an Employer Identification Number or EIN? • P. 15 … What is a Transaction Privilege Tax?
P. 19 … Part 2: 10 Keys to Properly Manage Your Business • P. 29 … Part 3: Strategies to Create Your First Sales
P. 32 … How to Create a Price for Your Product
P. 33 … How to Set a Price for Your Service
P. 37 … Additional Resources

Examples of Financial Statements

P. 39 … Balance Sheet
P. 40 … Income Statement
P. 41 … Cash Flow Statement
P. 42 … About the Author