Social Media Bootcamp 101

Learn how to promote and elevate your brand presence on social media.

Program Overview

Having the ability to create, grow and manage a social media presence to attract new customers or opportunities is a real skill with real business impacts. This program provides a high-level overview on how to properly set up a company Facebook & Instagram Page, review the Business Manager sections, and set up advertising accounts and campaign creation.

Program Outcomes

Participants will gain a basic understanding of social media marketing best practices and implement strategies to promote a brand in a positive, yet enganging manner.


Open to any professional interested in learning how to use social media and use tools to generate revenue or promote a brand.

Skill Development

  • Create a Completed Facebook & Instagram Page
  • Discover Tools in Business Manager for Facebook & Related Mobile App Tools
  • Setting Up Ad Campaigns
  • Use Creative Design Tools for Sharing Videos & Images

Course Outline: All Levels

  • The power of Facebook and Instagram Tools for Business
  • Types of campaigns for different types of businesses
  • What to budget and measure for Facebook and Instagram results
  • Create Facebook and Instagram Page
  • Tour dashboard settings
  • Creative design tools for video & images
  • Setting up advertising & boosts
  • FB Live Creative Kit
  • Facebook Stories
  • Instagram TV, Highlights, & Stories